Magpie Central. Taken about a week ago.


My Neighbor/Friends/Ex Friends

I have been wanting to see my elderly neighbor who I like alot for awhile now but keep missing him. This morning he was outside and we chatted for a bit. He had mentioned a couple months ago that his wife of many years may have to leave their house because of her needs. Dan is 92. It was a sad discussion. UPDATE What I forgot to say he was taking her somewhere that very morning.

Another new acquaintance recently left to receive treatment for her recent diagnosis of the big C and it was very bad. 50 and her mom died at the same age of the same thing.

Yesterday had a fellow wanting to severely kick my ass in my own space. WTF anyway. Pretty damn strange!

Enjoy what you can before you get your ass kicked for no reason.


Hanging Out

That's what's been happening since the last post. I'm tired and beat down from the incessant and escalating stupidity and just about hardly give a shit much anymore. Most of the papers I have read for years online now require a subscription so it takes little time to look around. Enjoying the warmth of summer and have been just outside of Steamboat Springs for the last week.

I may have to come up here on a yearly basis as I get treated reeeeal good. There are more friends here than anywhere else. For people who are four season active this has to be in the top ten in the world for overall options year around.

So this morning am headed out to Dinosaur National Monument to see if I can find any more of these things. That and just relish in the area with all it's beauty and remoteness AND see the new visitor's center that opened two weeks after I left here three years ago. I understand it's really something.

So here are several fotos just because. I gave myself and a looong time friend up which does not happen hardly at all - well because it's a pretty decent picture not because we're good looking for damn sure at least me anyway.

Drove down to the front range last Saturday and my bud brought back this immaculate and rare colored '05 Element. 

 Hahns remembers me well and he sits patiently waiting for a pig to show. The animal on top of the rock in the photo above. They are called whistle pigs as their danger call is a very loud whistle. They are actually marmots.
I am outta here. Have a good one everybody. There are no internets where I'm headed and probably no phone either.


A Supreme Idiot

This "swinging bridge" over the Green River in far NW Colorado very close to Utah is VERY cool. There can't be too many like this left.

It's not so special right now because of someone who thinks he's entitled to do what he wants.

 DeRose said she couldn't understand why someone would try to drive the tractor across the bridge since the structure was posted as only being able to hold three tons and the tractor would be significantly heavier than that. “We are making the owner remove it. We have people on site, but we are not going to be removing it ourselves,” said Linda DeRose, manager of the Moffat County Road and Bridge Department. “We are making the owner remove it. We have people on site, but we are not going to be removing it ourselves,” said Linda DeRose, manager of the Moffat County Road and Bridge Department.

The asshole who did this is rancher T. Wright Dickinson — a former Moffat County commissioner and this guy is correct to say this wheel of nowhere felt he can do as he pleases.

This will not be an easy removal or repair. Chances were good I was going to cross this in a couple weeks or so.

So T. Wright Dickhead needs his ass kicked severely back and forth across this bridge at least a dozen times with the public being allowed to watch.

Not far from here is where Tom Horn did his killing if that means anything.   


Hanging Out

That's pretty much what's going on here. I will say it is a laid back place this Punta De Mita.

Of course it's warm and humid. Pretty quiet for the most part.

I guess there will be no pictures because upload speeds are non-existent. That sucks.

Will I travel here this winter? 50-50

Will I go anywhere this winter. Not so sure anymore.

Today was not a good day particularly.

Spilled coffee on my laptop and moved at the speed of light to limit the damage. It was messed up but gradually came back. Then it would not charge but that came back - both with the help of a room fan that I set it on. I'm lucky as I do want this. For me the internets is a pastime. Some shoot,some drink,some just work all the time and what have you. When not doing daily routine activities do want access to the Internet.

Then it started raining hard and realized and not quick enough water was coming in several places. Wouldn't have made much difference anyway. The wall in the bathroom for instance has openings to the outside and the rest has shutters. In my haste to close the shutters I slipped on the tile floor and fell hard. I have hurt myself but I hope not too badly. I'll be able to judge better tomorrow. I felt it in my left shoulder and collar bone when I hit. This clavicle has been broken three times in my life the last being a long time ago but still. I believe there may be a tiny fracture.

The other thing is that just next door and I mean just next door there are maybe four presidents - three for sure of Central American countries attending a conference of some kind. There are army and other types all over the place in fairly large #'s. They don't have much to do and could care less about me or anyone else.

That's what is known today in this world and little else.

Have a good one where ever you are.


This Morning

Getting on a bird and flying to here for two weeks. Want to see if I can live here for part or all of the coming winter.


Dad's Day

The same post for 014 as previous years. I miss my Dad.

The best to all Father's out there and I know most of you hold your children very close to your heart. Here is one of my favorite pictures of my Dad taken in France in 1945. Enjoy your day.


Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there. I am not one and my dad is gone so the best to all of you guys out there. I bet my blogger friends who are fathers have some great kids. I miss my dad!

FROM '08

This is the first Father's Day I will not be making that call. I claim my Father's brother Rollie as a substitute Dad for this year. What I miss most is making those calls on a whim just to bs. The picture is a one shot deal. Up for a day only for the obvious reason. Taken next to the cornfield over two years ago the one I grew up in and my Dad farmed. Dad's name was Paul. NOTE The picture is back and will remain.


Dad is gone-Uncle Rollie's pooch gone-just found out another long time friend gone at 47-a first cousin soon to be gone-Tim Russert bang, gone at 58 my age-Mom's side of the family having a history of being gone just like that.

May not be related to Father's Day but very much value the close and few friendships I have and that includes relationships on the highway of the internets those that are the most informed of all.

Given the fragility of life every once in a while and the importance some put on theirs it's good to put things in perspective now and then. After all none of us are no more than piss ants in time. I love this video.

                  WHAT WE ARE


The Ongoing Chicken Saga

This is not a cooking blog but there is going to be some chicken cooked and eaten and rated. This whole story goes back decades and it's been over two years since this post on "Mushy Chicken". What's interesting here is what is actually seen. Click on the second picture and you'll understand. Too strange.

The go to person on this subject is Cosumne Gal and this post she did on conversations and comments from the post here just the other day "Did You Know This About Chickens?".

Briefly I bought a special expensive chicken to see how it tastes compared to what is remembered. There is still when I get enthused Fly's whole chicken story to come. Something like his religion story but different. To remember this chicken story you have to be older and if anyone remembers like I do they are more than likely older as well. Chicken started turning to the dark side many years ago now.

There is so much back round in Cosumne Gal's post as history and experiences from the 60's are described. It's interesting.

Here we go. Click the picture and you can see the specifics. $2.55 a lb/4.28lbs for a final number of $10.91. Most expensive bird I ever did buy by quite a margin.

Here is is completely naked. I picked the wrong one and was after a 3.5 chicken as was pretty much the size way back when. It's close enough. Nice looking bird we got here. 

Look at line on the leg. Odd for sure and a guess would be higher up closer to the back the skin has a tendency to be bit more fatty- but a line like this.

Update - I clicked on the first link and that nasty bird has the same type of line. What do I know.

OUT OF FOCUS - I took this to illustrate the size of parts. The leg was just average. I really like legs ever since a pup. You've probably seen the results on chicken you have purchased from the hooks used during processing on the legs. I find it very unappealing. I like what's on both ends of the leg - always have.

As for the breast it is a wee bit large but acceptable and no where close to what you get now. Many like huge breasts. Myself I'm more of a middle of the road fellow. This was cut into three portions and the whole chicken four portions.

What prompted this chicken attitude was that the other night I barbequed four chicken legs and no smoke came off the grill They were border line horrible. This bird produced some smoke. That's kinda like old days for sure.   

I grilled a piece of breast,the neck and the back plus the gizzard and heart those last two are already history here. Not the choicest pieces but there were reasons. Don't misunderstand I really like necks a lot!

The neck got taken off early. As a side note the vegetable cooker does a great job and cook bunches of vegetables like this. All kinds of things go in here. Really good.

The final result on da plate. The heart and gizzard were fine and I like those just as much as anything else. Never was a thigh guy until a few years ago when I was down to eating marinated chicken thighs cooked as hot the grill would go. It was the only part that I could find any flavor but even that stopped. Occasionally over the years would try chicken but it was mostly a disappointment.

So it's like this folks. This tasted pretty good all in all and I have three tries left two of which will have legs my favorite piece.

It was not mushy and there was actually decent flavor and some juices all reminiscent of times gone by. And yes I want the skin and this skin was very good. The neck was tasty the white meat moist and the back greasy and that's why I cooked that just to see what was there.  Compared to what's been this was a nice surprise b b b b b but it's very expensive so it should be half decent anyway.

I would say if what was remembered is a 10 I think this deserves 7.5 maybe 7.8. I enjoyed it and look forward to having more like tomorrow.


They Have Arrived

Took quite awhile and haven't heard much about these till now. They said Colorado winters were going to keep them at bay. You betcha on that one.

Colorado's first confirmed Africanized honeybees have turned up in a Palisade orchard, stunning entomologists who didn't believe the bees could survive cold Colorado winters.