Taken just a bit ago at 7:15 or so - 6:15 real time. I've been sitting out here in shorts and sandals enjoying the return of the warm. Not today or yesterday. It's 31° and will remain not too nice out for the rest of the day. Springtime in the Rockies.


Not To Worry

Oh the drama -

Budget uncertainty could derail expansion of special ops forces

Don't mean shit! When over half of our tax dollars are spent on the military and they/we are active all over the world who in the hell do you think is actually calling the shots in DC. 


  1. hahaha...it's a hoot!!! I love it when they try to scare us...

  2. Not to mention that we have no fracking knowledge of how large the black project budgets are (and trust me, they are growing even during the sequester).

    Love ya,