Taken just a bit ago at 7:15 or so - 6:15 real time. I've been sitting out here in shorts and sandals enjoying the return of the warm. Not today or yesterday. It's 31° and will remain not too nice out for the rest of the day. Springtime in the Rockies.


Someone Somewhere Is Eating Good

Locally this recently happened.

County scrambling to try and recover funds

Other than that it's been pretty nice but the last couple have been like this. From a picture this morning with a bit more in the forecast.
The almost 11 month run of sandals,shorts and t-shirt have been over for three weeks or so. Damn!!


  1. Hahaha...too funny!!! Love that header! I've been wanting to go there and just never have. hurmpf...!!!

  2. You should go there.

    Another you should - you should see how much there is this morning. 6-8 anyway.